Little Belly and Green Friends on BBC's CBBC My Toons!

If you are in London please check out! Our "Little Belly and Green Friends" animation "Shake it! Shake it!" is airing online on BBC's MY TOONS!

Pangom's Dilemma

Pangom is sweet and kind when wearing his panda suit, but when it 's off, he is a mean grizzly machine. With his panda suit off, Pangom harms the trees and Little Belly asks Paddy for help, but Paddy can't see the problem. See how Paddy figures everything out and how he teams up with Little Belly to stop Pangom from his outbursts.

Funny Bunny Love

Daisy who thinks Little Belly is a rabbit gives a gift to Little Belly to express her love. She is rejected, but see how she falls for Squirap instead!

Bulldozer Battle

"Bobbie" and "Durbie," two greedy construction workers are out to build a huge shopping mall on the Greenland Fishing Ground to make big bucks! But "Little Belly" uses his super strength power to stop these environmental bad-doers!