Little Belly and Green Freinds Comic 1 - "Recyclin~"

I'm Pangom!

When I'm a bear call me Gomz. When I wear my panda suit, call me Pangom.

I'm bipolar. No, that doesn't mean I'm a polar bear from the South Pole and North Pole. It means I have two contrasting personalities. When I'm Gomz, I tend to do things that aren't nice or environmentally friendly. When I'm Pangom, I'm very sweet and kind to the point where I seem clueless. As Pangom I love being the keeper of environment! Now, if I can be this person at all times, the Earth would cleaner!

I'm Paddy

Hello. I’m an eccentric genius inventor and can make anything out of anything. That’s right. I can take anything and reuse, remake, and redo anything. I can reduce pollution and be environmentally friendly through the inventions I create.

I'm Squirap!

Yo! I'm Squirap and I like to rap! I carry a sack, more like a bin on my back. So pick up that trash-fool, just like me do, get off of that old-stool. If it weren't for me, this place would be pretty dang dirty. So why not join me on a rapping and recyclin’ spree and rap, rap just like me! Dang! I can rap!

I'm Daisy!

As you can see, I’m a hippie who is all about love! Everything I do is for love. I love daisies, the earth and I’m crazy in love with Little Belly. I know he’s a rabbit because he has long ears like me, but he insists that he’s a dog! Whenever I see him, I get so excited and my ears shape into a heart. I will never fail to love him! Upsy-Daisy!

I'm Little Belly!

I'm all about being environmentally friendly! I'm a problem solver and can think quick on my feet. I love to help people live green by giving simple everyday tips! By the way, I'm a dog. Don't be fooled by my long ears!